Amy Klobuchar surprised a lot of people with her performance in Iowa and New Hampshire, where she came in third behind Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg, besting Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden by a wide margin. That has Monica Hesse envisioning a female president, but she warns those who like Klobuchar now not to let their inner sexist win and vote for a man.

Hesse writes:

But there is also a possibility that sometime in the future, if she appears more on your television screen, if she continues to gain in the polls, you might find yourself thinking negatively about her, in the ways we specifically think negatively about female candidates. For reasons you cannot explain, Amy Klobuchar will suddenly remind you of your mother-in-law or your ex-wife. It will feel like she’s lecturing to you. It will feel like she’s talking too much.

You’ll think it has nothing to do with her being a woman. It will have everything to do with her being a woman.

Or maybe not.

So are we supposed to elect Klobuchar to make up for Hillary Clinton not winning because of “sexism?”