It’s funny: former Vice President Joe Biden actually topped the polls for 2020 Democratic nominee by a large margin before he actually announced he was running. Then he started campaigning, and then came along Iowa and New Hampshire, where he finished fourth and fifth, respectively.

NBC News is reporting that Biden told donors on a conference call that he’s going to start doing more TV appearances, starting with a guest slot on “The View” Thursday with wife Jill at his side.

Brian Schwartz reports:

One of the donors on Wednesday’s call noted that they had seen deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield on CNN and MSNBC earlier in the day and asked whether Biden himself would be going on TV more often.

The donor remarked on the call that Bedingfield did well on TV and noticed Biden was recently getting on air more frequently, one of the people familiar with the call said. This source noted that the donor was hoping to see that trend continue.

An advisor chimed in to say Biden has been getting on TV and that donors will be seeing him even more on air in the weeks ahead, these people added. The former vice president and his wife, Jill, are scheduled appear on ABC’s “The View” on Thursday.

Who knows if more TV appearances could help or hurt Biden. He’ll be hit with softball questions, so it’s unlikely he’ll lose his temper and call his interviewers fat dog-faced pony soldiers. Still, he pretty much sucked at the Democratic debates where he had plenty of airtime.

We’ve really enjoyed the Twitter videos from his campaign stops where he insults voters or advises them to vote for the other guy.

What are the odds he calls Megan McCain fat and challenges her to push-ups?

Considering he doesn’t know what state he’s in half the time, how’s he going to keep track of what show he’s on?