As Twitchy reported earlier, at least one Democratic congressman and Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff have demanded Twitter take down a video tweeted by President Trump showing clips of the State of the Union address interspersed with footage of Pelosi tearing the speech in half at the conclusion.

In a time when social media platforms like Twitter are paranoid about political “misinformation” during an election year, the Washington Post has expressed concern that the video highlights “a gray area” in the debate over misinformation.

Wow, Turning Point USA edited the video? That’s crazy. What’s even crazier is that tomorrow night the Motion Picture Academy will actually award someone for editing a film. There really should be disclaimers on movie posters if these things are going to be edited.

Here’s how the Washington Post puts it:

Dave Karpf, a media and public affairs professor at George Washington University, said the video was clearly meant to be misleading. “We all know the difference between editing something to make it more clear and editing something to make it more deceptive,” he said.

While the simple edit may not violate Facebook’s or Twitter’s policies, Karpf said, the video should still draw public outrage as “gross and disturbing and a sign of what is probably more to come.”

“This is the stuff we’re probably going to be wading through for the next nine months,” he said. “It’s not the technology of deepfakes we should be worried about: It’s going to be garbage like this, spread through Trump’s microphone and amplified by the rest of the conservative-media apparatus.”

Yeah, the good professor doesn’t sound at all biased. Has he seen Joe Biden’s latest attack video on Pete Buttigieg? We’re pretty sure that one was pieced together too.

Here’s Benny Johnson, chief creative officer of Turning Point USA:

Truth: There wouldn’t be any talk whatsoever about “misleading” or “doctored” footage if the video weren’t incredibly effective in showing just how petty Pelosi was. She didn’t have to tear it up; she chose to. She planned to. And — surprise! — it backfired on her. Now she wants video of her ripping up the speech taken down from social media.

It’s going to be wild watching Twitter and other social media platforms trying to police the 2020 campaign season. Wonder which party will get away with “edited” campaign ads?