During his press conference the day after his acquittal in the Senate, President Trump personally thanked many of the people in the room for their support. Among them was Sen. Josh Hawley, who was one of the president’s most loyal defenders. Remember, Hawley is the one who had motions to subpoena Adam Schiff, the whistleblower, and the Bidens ready to go in the event the Senate voted to call witnesses.

KSHB in Kansas City reports:

Trump said that ahead of the 2018 Senate race, he went to Missouri and met Hawley, then the attorney general.

“After 10 minutes, I said, ‘don’t show me anybody else,'” Trump said Thursday. “This is the guy.”

“Man, did I make a good choice,” Trump added. “Tremendous future.”

The Atlantic’s David Frum seems to think that Trump’s remarks will be used in attack ads against Hawley, which may be true. However, he also seems to think those ads will hurt Hawley and his career.

And he will fend off those opponents. Your point?

If you look at it, Frum is right in one sense: Hawley will always be fending off opponents because he’s going to have a very long career in office.