As Twitchy reported earlier, during closing arguments, House impeachment manager Democrat Rep. Jason Crow cited a quote by Professor Albus Dumbledore of the “Harry Potter” series. Fitting that the House would cite a work of fiction to close out its case.

We believe the Human Rights Campaign’s Charlotte Clymer was being tongue-in-cheek when she posted her response to Crow’s closing statement.

Believe it or not, that tweet became the source of a bit of controversy.

And don’t forget that “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling was “canceled” over a tweet in which she tweeted #IStandWithMaya in solidarity with Maya Forstater, who lost her job over “controversial” social media posts claiming “there are two sexes” and “it is impossible to change sex.” That hashtag made Rowling a TERF: a trans-exclusionary radical feminist, the kind who don’t count trans women as sisters.

She says her first post was a “snarky observation,” but it was still pretty cringeworthy.


That will be historic.