John McCormack reports for National Review that the Virginia Senate deadlocked 20-20 Wednesday on legislation that would repeal some modest restrictions on abortions, but Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax voted to break the tie and pass the legislation.

Abortion advocates are always telling the rest of us how simple the procedure is, so why require a doctor?

McCormack writes:

Senate Bill 733 would remove Virginia’s requirement that only doctors may perform abortion in order to allow physicians assistants and nurse practitioners to perform abortions….

The bill retains Virginia’s requirement that an abortionist obtain the “informed written consent of the pregnant woman” seeking an abortion, but it repeals the requirement to perform an ultrasound and offer the woman an opportunity to see the ultrasound.

Senate Bill 733 also lowers the medical standards for abortionists: Facilities that “perform five or more first trimester abortions per month” will no longer be classified “as hospitals for the purpose of complying with regulations establishing minimum standards for hospitals.”

Why would abortion advocates oppose performing an ultrasound — it’s just a clump of cells. A doctor wouldn’t hesitate to show you an X-ray of your broken arm before tending to it.

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