It was a little over a week ago that some Democratic senators were reportedly mulling the idea of offering the Republicans a one-for-one witness swap: the GOP would get to call Hunter Biden to testify at the impeachment trial if the Democrats could have John Bolton.

Bolton fever seems to have cooled off pretty quickly, but even though Rep. Jerry Nadler keeps insisting that the House Democrats have a slam-dunk case against the president, he and Rep. Adam Schiff still think that it’s up to the Senate to call witnesses to buttress their case. And in a bit of what sounds like desperation on his part, Schiff has proposed a “cap” of one week on witness depositions. He just needs one week … promise.

We like how you can see the desperation in the New York Post’s featured photo:

Bob Fredericks reports:

Schiff said that he wants one week devoted to closed-door depositions from witnesses in the trial as senators prepare to vote on the matter Friday.

“I will make an offer to opposing counsel, who says this will stretch on indefinitely if you decide to have a single witness,” Schiff, the lead House impeachment manager, told senators.

“Let’s cabin the depositions to one week. I think we can. I think we should. I think we must,” the California Democrat added.

How about no.

Maybe Michael Avenatti will come bursting into the Senate chamber like Kool-Aid Man with a surprise witness … if he’s not in jail.

It wouldn’t be the first Democratic primary that was rigged.