As Twitchy just reported, the GOP wasted no time in turning that CNN segment in which a hysterical Don Lemon, alongside Rick Wilson and Wajahat Ali, mock Trump supporters into an ad showing just what the “elite” think of the average Trump voter. It was nice of CNN to come up with a spot for the Trump campaign and to do it for free.

But what’s going on over in the Bernie Sanders camp? People for Bernie has come up with quite a different spot — one that reimagines Bernie Sanders as a fragrance, complete with a perfume bottle with Sanders’ head as the screw-top lid. What does socialism smell like? We imagine it smells like that garbage truck a news photographer caught some kids scavenging food out of in Venezuela.

If this is your thing, there’s a link to the music for download.

Weird … on the one hand you have paid militant extremist Bernie Sanders staffers talking about setting up re-education camps and abolishing landlords (but not necessarily killing them), and on the other hand, you have volunteers making their man seem like a pricey capitalist extravagance. Sanders attracts all kinds, it seems.

Anyway, this is real:

Good one.