Seeing as we just passed the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, a lot of feminists are “shouting their abortions.” For example, feminist author Emily Lindin suggested Wednesday that pro-lifers should instead rebrand themselves “Anti-Pleasurable-Sex-For-Women” because it’s “more accurate.”

Even as long ago as we took sex education classes (and before we had Teen Vogue to teach us all about anal sex), we learned that there are plenty of methods of contraception that don’t take any of the pleasure away from sex. Does taking the pill make sex less pleasurable for women (and trans men)? An IUD? Condoms?

In the same vein as Lindin comes feminist writer and sex educator Charyn Pfeuffer, who showed off a selfie of her NSFW T-shirt.

What happened to “rare” — it’s been replaced by “accessible”?

Don’t run out and look for the T-shirt in stores because she says it was a do-it-yourself job.