Yes, we are thankful that Lobby Day in Richmond, Va., passed without incident, although a whole lot of people advocating for gun control and confiscation seem deflated that nothing happened except a peaceful protest. Gov. Ralph “Coonman” Northam, who had declared a state of emergency over the gun rights rally, said he was glad that some unspecified teams successfully “de-escalated” what could have been a volatile situation — had the goons of Antifa shown up with their little homemade shields and concrete “milkshakes,” maybe?

Katie Pavlich, editor of Twitchy sister-site Townhall, wants to know what was de-escalated.

If there was anyone who escalated things it was Northam and the Democrats in the Virginia legislature who warned that Northam might have to call out the National Guard to take care of all those pesky Second Amendment sanctuaries and impose gun control and confiscation.

Yeah, but at first he admitted it, then took it back, and then went on a “listening tour” anyway to try to mend bridges with black constituents.