We’re beginning to wonder if Sen. Kamala Harris should be pressured to recuse herself from the Senate trial. After all, she stood to gain politically by his impeachment has she was planning to run against him in 2020, and she’s made statements on the Senate floor directly accusing the president of impeachable conduct before the Senate trial, where she’s supposed to be an impartial juror. Hey, if these standards work for Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell, let’s be consistent.

Here’s just a quick GIF, but it’s funny to see how quickly the very solemn, somber, and prayerful Harris goes from a giant grin to looking grim just as MSNBC is ready to put her on camera to talk about the Senate receiving the impeachment articles.

This reminds us of when Speaker Nancy Pelosi had to shush House Democrats after the articles of impeachment were passed because they’d started cheering. And then Wednesday: “Make sure you get your photo taken with your commemorative impeachment pen with my signature inscribed on it. Smile!”

As Rush Limbaugh is fond of saying: Washington, D.C. is Hollywood for ugly people.

That too — poor Bernie Sanders is going to be stuck sitting silently while Joe Biden has Iowa and New Hampshire all to himself.

Ah, yes, that very somber and solemn funeral exit.