As you probably know, the White House stayed quiet Tuesday night while Iran was firing ballistic missiles at coalition military bases in Iraq, but President Trump gave a speech Wednesday morning saying the attacks had resulted in no casualties and “Iran appears to be standing down, which is a good thing for all parties concerned.”

This might shock you, but the explainers over at Vox disagreed with that assessment and declared that Trump’s “victory lap” actually made things worse between the United States and Iran.

Alex Ward explains:

Donald Trump had the opportunity of his presidency to stand at a White House lectern, look out on the country he leads, and declare to the world his victory over Iran after a deadly standoff.

He blew that chance.

But then his remarks took a turn: He chose not to take the victory lap and use the occasion to boast about his diplomatic and military prowess. He instead escalated his pressure campaign against Iran — the same campaign that fueled this crisis in the first place.

Ward must be referring to that pressure campaign against Iran that the United States started for no reason whatsoever, therefore fueling the crisis in the first place.