Here’s some good news that doesn’t really sound like good news at all. In Ontario, Canada, the supply of donor organs has been given a boost by people donating their organs before undergoing medically assisted death (or MAiD).

The Ottawa Citizen reports:

Ontarians who opt for medically assisted deaths (MAiD) are increasingly saving or improving other people’s lives by also including organ and tissue donation as part of their final wishes.

Canada decriminalized medically assisted death in 2016, and Ontario, through Trillium [Gift of Life Network], immediately moved to the forefront of organ and tissue donation through MAiD, becoming the first jurisdiction in the world to proactively reach out to those who had been approved for assisted death to discuss donation. When a death is imminent, whether through a hospital or MAiD, Trillium must by law be notified.

Is this what doctors signed up for?