Being the givers we are, we keep warning the Democrats to stop giving Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell nicknames that just make him sound cool. The Grim Reaper? Hell yeah. Cocaine Mitch, Nuclear Mitch … keep ’em coming.

So if 77-year-old Joe Biden thought he was landing a blow on President Trump by saying the only place he was comfortable was “in a mosh pit,” he severely miscalculated. Bloomberg’s Jennifer Epstein is out on the road with Biden.

More free advice for Biden — do not plant the suggestion of you dropping dead in the minds of voters. We know you like to brag about push-ups and all, but don’t push it.

We mean, that’s an amazing metaphor for Washington, D.C. We see Trump crowd surfing over the House of Representatives and loving it. Trump is exactly the guy you want to see in that mosh pit.

We wanna be in the mosh pit for the Biden/Trump debate. That’s gonna bit lit.