We still don’t really know who Grant Stern is — we guess he has a radio show and he says he’s a writer for Occupy Democrats — but he went full stupid with his first tweet about the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad in the liberal race to see who could compare it to Benghazi first. But remember: Benghazi was a made-up scandal, and this is a real scandal.

OK, you go ahead and wait … we assume you have free time. P.S. “Protest.”

Stern dug his hole even deeper when Johnny “Joey” Jones chimed in.


It’s seriously embarrassing to watch someone dig a hole this deep. The First Amendment?

Just as an aside, comparing the two incidents is just ridiculous — but this editor can’t believe it wasn’t a bigger story when Wikipedia dropped all those John Podesta emails and we learned that within hours of the Benghazi attack, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her conspirators in the White House were “reaching out to U-Tube to advise ramifications of posting of the Pastor Jon video.” Seriously — within three hours they were putting together the fake “it was caused by a video” story and working with YouTube to find a video to pin it on. Oh, and phone transcripts between Clinton and foreign leaders proved she knew the attack was planned in advance. But what difference does it make how it started?

But yeah, blame Trey Gowdy for wanting to investigate.