Brian Schwartz of NBC News is reporting that Michael Bloomberg’s tech firm, Hawkfish, sent out letters to recruits claiming that it would be the primary platform of the Democratic National Committee. “But the claim wasn’t true,” Schwartz reports.

Schwartz reports:

During the week Mike Bloomberg announced his run for president in November, a technology company he founded was reaching out to potential recruits through an outside firm, saying it would be the “primary platform” for the Democratic National Committee.

But the claim wasn’t true.

The firm, Hawkfish LLC, is the main digital agency and technology service for the former New York mayor’s campaign for president, as CNBC first reported. Yet it has no current or planned role with the DNC in the 2020 election cycle, according to a Bloomberg aide and a DNC official.

Several potential hires received notices through LinkedIn in which they were informed that Hawkfish was working for both the Bloomberg campaign and the DNC. It wasn’t immediately clear how many recruiting targets received the erroneous pitch.

Bloomberg was elected mayor of New York City, so why is he so very, very bad at running for president?


Yeah, when he didn’t know he had inmates making his campaign phone calls from prison?


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