As Twitchy reported earlier, CNN’s Brian Stelter tried to turn lead into gold by explaining that Fox News celebrating its record-high viewership in the network’s 23-year history was exactly why he is writing a book about the network’s popularity. Get it? He’s going to get to the bottom of why Fox News, in partnership with President Trump, is thrashing his own network in the ratings, and we’re guessing it’s because orange man bad.

But between watching Fox News, writing his book, and doing whatever he does at CNN — have someone call Dan Rather to see if he’s available for “Reliable Sources” maybe — Stelter did celebrate the writing of 1,500 words Monday.

“A decade full of clickbait, misinformation and memes” — but enough about CNN.

Yeah, it’s too bad there aren’t any cable news journalists who are on top of that, every single day.

He was pretty excited about CNN’s ratings last month when CNN actually beat MSNBC and Fox News on Saturday afternoons.

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