As Twitchy reported the other day, Amanda Marcotte published a Christmas Day piece in Salon arguing that the Hallmark Channel’s Christmas movies were “fascist propaganda.” A lot of people seem to like them, though, and the ratings for the week before Christmas show the Hallmark Channel beating CNN both overall and in prime time, where CNN has found itself struggling anyway.

Of course, Fox News dominated in prime time as usual with its fascist propaganda.

Matthew Keys writes:

Hallmark was watched in 957,000 homes, according to Nielsen, compared to CNN’s 778,000 homes. Hallmark’s schedule that week was an assortment of holiday-themed movies and television shows, while CNN provided ongoing coverage of the impeachment hearings and other political matters.

Hallmark also earned higher figures in prime-time viewership that week, drawing 1.73 million viewers to its movies. The channel placed fourth overall — behind Fox News, MSNBC and sports channel ESPN, but again ahead of CNN, which placed fifth.

… Overall, Fox News had an average of 1.4 million viewers each day, while MSNBC drew an average of 880,000 viewers and CNN had an average of 624,000 viewers.

When we checked on CNN’s ratings last year, the cable news channel had fallen behind TLC, whose prime time fare included “My 600 Pound Life,” “90 Day Fiance,” and “Dr. Pimple Popper.”