As Twitchy reported earlier, Salon published a piece on Christmas in which Amanda Marcotte argued that Hallmark Christmas movies were fascist propaganda — forget “Triumph of the Will.”

Marcotte wrote:

None of this should be a surprise, because Hallmark movies, as cloying and saccharine as they are, constitute the platonic ideal of fascist propaganda.

Hallmark movies, with their emphasis on returning home and the pleasures of the small, domestic life, also send a not-at-all subtle signal of disdain for cosmopolitanism and curiosity about the larger world, which is exactly the sort of attitude that helps breed the kind of defensive white nationalism that we see growing in strength in the Donald Trump era.

Marcotte tweeted later that she enjoyed spending her Christmas laughing at right-wingers who responded to her piece. Funny, though: Hallmark movies went from “the platonic ideal of fascist propaganda” to “dumb” in the space of a tweet.


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