As Twitchy reported, sparks flew at the most recent Democratic debate when Elizabeth Warren called out Pete Buttigieg for holding a fundraiser at a Napa Valley wine cave where wine went for $900 a bottle. Buttigieg shot back, accusing Warren of proposing a purity test she could not herself pass, having done plenty of high-dollar fundraisers for her Senate campaign.

Ever since the debate, more and more has been written about Warren’s fundraising for the Senate campaign before she decided to run for president, demonize banks and billionaires, and promise to accept only small donations. Things got really awkward when it was discovered that in 2012, Warren had held a fundraiser in the exact same wine cave where Buttigieg staged his event.

The Washington Post has a piece Tuesday about the difference between Warren’s approach to fundraising as a candidate for senator and now for president, revealing that Warren, queen of the free selfie who wants to break up the banks, had a photo op in a bank vault just a couple of years ago.

Warren supporters aren’t happy about it, but the Washington Post reports:

Chase Williams grinned broadly as he stood for a photo next to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, chatting briefly with the senator from Massachusetts before moving on so someone else could have their turn.

It was the kind of moment that has become a ubiquitous part of Warren’s presidential campaign and its long “selfie lines,” where supporters wait for hours to pose with her at no charge.

But this shot, taken in October 2017, was at an entirely different kind of event: an exclusive “backstage” reception that took place in the vault of a former Cleveland bank. And that was the day’s low-rent affair — donors who agreed to pay more attended an even more exclusive shindig with Warren that day, according to two people familiar with her schedule.

“I am frustrated because she said, ‘I don’t do this. This isn’t something I do.’ And two years ago she very much did do that, and I was in the room,” said Williams, who had a photo taken after writing a $500 check.

But she doesn’t do wine caves or bank vaults anymore or charge for selfies now that she’s pure and untainted by big campaign cash.


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