We really don’t need to hear one more time from Speaker Nancy Pelosi how much she doesn’t want to impeach President Trump and that the whole affair has been solemn and prayerful: the Democrats just hate to see it … as you can tell by the members of Congress likening Trump to an Ecuadorian dictator or Adolf Hitler who must be stopped before democracy is destroyed.

Fortunately, CNN’s Dana Bash was on hand as a proxy for Pelosi, and she described the air in the Capitol as feeling “different” — “It is palpable.”

We’re just going to slide this GIF of Rep. Jerry Nadler laughing here to show just how grave an environment Congress is working in.

And again, the idea that this is something the speaker didn’t want to do. That might have been true at first, as she dragged her heels, knowing that an impeachment vote in the House would put a whole lot of moderate Democrats from pro-Trump districts on the chopping block. But now?


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