We all know Speaker Nancy Pelosi got dragged into this whole impeachment mess kicking and screaming but eventually had to bow to the lunatic fringe that’s taken over her party. Ever since then, she’s told us again and again how solemn and somber and prayerful impeachment is and she’s not doing it out of any animus for President Trump; she’s just following her oath of office, no matter how much it pains her.

Even Rep. Adam Schiff tells the story of how he resisted calls to impeach Trump for over a year. But then Schiff tells lots of stories.

We had to check his Twitter bio to see if he was still running, and apparently Joe Walsh is still planning to primary Trump in 2020, and Trump’s impeachment and removal from office would improve his chances of becoming president … but only slightly.

Walsh proposes a way to tell who’s on the right side of the impeachment debate: Republicans or Democrats. Democrats, you see, are sober and pained by the whole process, while the Republicans aren’t — Rep. Lindsey Graham says he wouldn’t call any witnesses during the Senate trial; he’d just vote it down and move on and let the whole sham die a quick death.

So here’s Walsh’s hot take if you can handle it:

So somber, so prayerful.


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