We’re always looking for a straight-shooter in the media. We thought Jake Tapper was the guy, but it seems as though he’s been overtaken by the CNN hive mind. CBS News’ Mark Knoller is a great, old-school, just the facts kind of reporter but he doesn’t get much exposure. And then there’s Fox News’ Chris Wallace, whom even critics of “Faux News” had to admit was an unbiased, straight-down-the-middle newsman. Was.

Wallace is turning off a lot of Fox News viewers, though, with his takes on the Horowitz report. This was his take Monday when the report dropped:

No, Michael Horowitz said they didn’t have any documentary evidence of political bias; that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any, and no one at the FBI would admit to it if asked.

And in response to Horowitz’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday, Mediaite notes that Wallace again seemed to be letting the FBI off the hook:

Mediate quotes Wallace as saying, “So one of the points I think Democrats will make is that it can be true on the one hand that there was terrible misconduct or even potentially crimes in the FISA application and the way in which Carter Page was treated by the federal government.” He added, “It doesn’t mean though that the entire Russia investigation was therefore illegitimate.”

People have thoughts:

Speaking of, Wallace will be interviewing James Comey and Adam Schiff this Sunday.