We all know Rep. Al Green is impeachment happy. He started introducing impeachment articles in the House in 2017, citing impeachable offenses ranging from President Trump dissing “The Squad” in a tweet to describing some African nations as “s**thole countries” to criticizing football players who refused to stand for the national anthem. All of those warranted impeachment and removal in his eyes.

Over the weekend, Green was on MSNBC and managed to bring slavery into the current impeachment inquiry. How? Well, he noted the need to add something to the articles of impeachment to address people of color: “I also think that if we don’t include some of the things that are important to people of color then I think that our business won’t be finished with.”

The Daily Wire reports on the exchange:

“I do believe, ma’am, that we have to deal with the original sin,” Green continued. “We have to deal with slavery. Slavery was the thing that put all of what President Trump has done lately into motion. It’s insidious … racism, the president has played on racism and he’s used that as a weapon to galvanize a base of support to mobilize people.”

So he’s expecting the Democrats to somehow work slavery into the articles of impeachment along with Ukraine and Russia?

Here’s video:

Green seems to have a one-track mind and the crazy train is running on that track full speed.