We already learned during the House Judiciary’s law professor-palooza that we run the risk of turning America into a monarchy if President Trump is not impeached, and of course, he’ll name his son Barron a baron in the process.

The fun hasn’t ended, and during Monday’s hearing, Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell of Florida warned that she’s seen Latin American dictatorships before, and that’s where America is heading if Trump is allowed to get away with whatever crime it is they have yet to accuse him of.

Do these people not realize there’s an election in less than a year and voters can decide then what to do about Trump? He doesn’t have much time to establish this monarchy or dictatorship or whatever they want to call it.

President Obama went to Cuba and did the wave with Raul Castro and conspicuously posed in front of a giant mural of Ché Guevara, but Trump’s the aspiring Latin American dictator.

Good point about confiscating all the guns.