The House Intelligence Committee Democrats released their 300-page impeachment report Tuesday afternoon, based on those interviews that took place in Rep. Adam Schiff’s secure bunker in the Capitol Building and the testimony of those witnesses called to testify in the public Intelligence Committee hearings.

Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina was good enough to read through the report, which was released awfully close to the time the full Intelligence Committee was to vote on it. It certainly seems like the Democrats are in a very big hurry, which is odd; they keep signaling that there won’t be a full House vote until after Christmas, so probably sometime early in 2020, but they also have to keep the public’s interest so Democrats in unsafe seats aren’t asked to vote on something for which the public has no appetite.

There are some surprising documents included in the report, including subpoenaed phone records, which some say implicate Rep. Devin Nunes in the Ukraine scheme. There is also a lot of testimony based on hearsay, and there are a few other problems too, which Meadows lays out here:

And as a bonus, here’s Rep. Lee Zeldin with another claim that doesn’t hold water:

When it comes down to the wire, members of Congress are going to have to take this seriously and look for an airtight case, which the Democrats don’t have.