It’s official.

The 2020 G7 summit will be held at Camp David in Maryland:

Of course, WH chief of staff Mick Mulvaney is already on record calling Camp David a “miserable place” to host the summit:

Press secretary Stephanie Grisham also said Camp David “wasn’t ideal”:

And here’s NYT reporter Jonathan Martin criticizing President Trump from taking the “payday” away from another hotel:

Trump had assured the press that he would be hosting the summit at the Doral at cost, but that wasn’t enough to quell suspicions that he was doing it to make a profit anyway. CNN even ran a graphic of the Domestic Emoluments Clause in a story about Trump reversing his decision.

Now he’s hosting it at Camp David and everyone’s complaining it’s a terrible venue.

But Trump is so selfish, he doesn’t want to give any other hotel the business. How does that make sense?

They’re determined to make a scandal of this no matter how it plays out. Here’s an idea; why don’t they all save the jet fuel and just Skype in?

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