NowThis News isn’t news; they’ll happily turn on their camera for any liberal and just let them rant without any interview questions or pushback. So it’s a bit ironic that NowThis has handed over its cameras for Judd Legum, formerly of ThinkProgress, to warn us all about another news site, the Daily Wire, which is a toxic, right-wing website that’s more popular on Facebook than NPR.

It’s so toxic, they have to blur out footage of themselves scrolling through the Daily Wire’s feed while pulling out claims instead of quotations from the actual source. It’s the equivalent of standing outside protesting one of Ben Shapiro’s campus lectures because of what you think he might say.

Now, why would someone who worked for ThinkProgress until it shut down want to shut down an insanely popular right-wing news site? It’s a mystery, but Legum does his best to explain.

We haven’t heard from Ben Shapiro yet; he’s probably busy creating content people want to read or giving a speech somewhere.