When Valerie Plame kicked off her congressional campaign with a high-octane video that looked like an action movie trailer, an unbiased blue check journalist with NBC News tweeted, “As a journalist, I keep my political views to myself, but this #ValeriePlame campaign ad is AMAZING.”

Valerie Plame apparently continues to be amazing, going by this profile in the Washington Post. Get a load of this:

Even Jake Tapper called B.S. on Plame, tweeting a simple, “Holy crap,” in response to one of her tweets, from which she tried to backpedal by claiming she shared a piece claiming “America’s Jews are driving America’s wars” after skimming it without reading the whole thing.

But now she’s reinventing herself by running for Congress, and did we mention she looks astoundingly good for a woman of 56?

They also forgot to ask her about her GoFundMe campaign to raise $1 billion to buy a controlling interest in Twitter so she could ban President Trump. It had stalled at $89,000 last time we checked.