Yes, we’re old enough to remember the Carter administration, and CNN contributor Kate Andersen Brower published an opinion piece on CNN’s website this week praising Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter and fearing that we’ll never see another president and first lady like them.

We’re not really nostalgic for malaise, but Brower writes:

As Americans sit glued to impeachment hearings centered on allegations of bribery and self-interest over country, I can’t help but be emotional myself when I think about the Carters’ specific brand of patriotism and the fear that we may never see another president and first lady like them again.

There is no starker contrast to Donald Trump than Jimmy Carter. Today, Jimmy Carter prefers not to be called “Mr. President.” He says there is only one president at a time and his respect for the office runs too deep. Even when he was in the White House he would not allow “Hail to the Chief” to be played when he walked into the room, a tradition that dated back to 1829, because he thought it was ostentatious.

Good thing he only served one term then so he didn’t have to be embarrassed by his position.

A quick Google search shows that Brower was born in 1980. Surprised?

Agreed. He’s great at not being president.

Since this is CNN, there has to be some fake news, and that’s the idea that Americans are glued to the impeachment proceedings.

Only those deluded enough to call Rep. Adam Schiff a “progressive rock star” are glued to CNN watching this circus.