Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales joked during President Trump’s visit to the U.K. that he was leaving the country and would be back when he left. He’d actually planned a vacation trip long in advance, but he was amused to have “riled up the MAGA bots” with his tweet, so that shows you where he stands politically.

It’s strange: People who hate Trump seem to want him banned from Twitter, but they’ve also filed lawsuits to force Trump from blocking them on Twitter. So which is it? Wales says Trump should have been banned long ago.

Politico reports:

Speaking at a media conference in Amsterdam, Wales said the U.S. president and other high-profile users such as entrepreneur Elon Musk were able to get away with statements on the social media platform which others would not.

“A lot of stuff he says would not violate the terms of service of Twitter — he’s a blowhard and he says false things,” said Wales. “But he’s attacked people in ways that other people couldn’t get away with. I mean they’ve made it very clear that they are applying the rules differently.”

Not surprisingly, Wales praised Twitter for its recent decision to exclude paid-for political ads as well. He and Sacha Baron Cohen should hang out.

Trump’s tweets at least kept the Krassenstein brothers busy, seeing as they were compelled to reply to every single one.