The Green New Deal is old news, and the new hotness in the Democratic Party is Medicare for All. However, a new Quinnipiac University national poll shows that the popularity of Medicare for All peaked in August, and has dropped now to 36 percent of voters saying it’s a good idea.

Fifty-two percent say it’s a bad idea? People are catching on. Or maybe they finally realized that it would involve a substantial tax hike on the middle class, despite Elizabeth Warren doing everything she could not to say that part out loud.

The poll also found Joe Biden retaking the lead from Elizabeth Warren at 24 percent support versus 14 percent for Warren and a surprising 16 percent for Pete Buttigieg. Biden, of course, wants to continue to tinker with Obamacare rather than go with Medicare for All.

People reading the news are blaming such things as the corporate media for messing with people’s minds.

We think “smearing it” might have included admitting that they’d have to eliminate people’s private insurance in the process.

Taxes go up, you lose your private insurance … that’s some corporate propaganda.