The White House announced Monday that first lady Melania Trump would be visiting Baltimore to talk to students about the danger of opioid addiction and abuse.

Both the Washington Post and ABC News report that the first lady was met with boos and hisses from the audience of middle school and high school students, with the Post noting in its tweet that President Trump had called the city rat and rodent-infested in a July tweet.

The Washington Post reports:

Despite an almost assured adverse reception, first lady Melania Trump spoke about opioid abuse at the B’More Youth Summit for Opioid Awareness in a city that President Trump derided as a “rat and rodent infested mess” in a July tweet.

She was met with boos and hisses the second she stepped onstage from a crowd that consisted of mostly high school and middle school students. The boos were sustained for one minute of her five-minute speech, and the audience spoke throughout.

Students who booed said later that they did so because they believe the president is racist and were offended by his comments about Baltimore.

Classy. “Despite an almost assured adverse reception.” Call us crazy, but it’s really disrespectful to boo the first lady, and for school kids to do it? We’re sure they’ll be disciplined by their teachers or the principal … yeah, right. Instead, they’re interviewed by the Washington Post.

This isn’t quite as bad as medical professionals at Boston Medical Center staged a walk-out when Trump visited to highlight the hospital’s cuddle program for babies born addicted to drugs or alcohol, but it’s bad. Apparently her assistance isn’t welcome anywhere.

Speaking of disrespectful, the comments to both stories are filled with tweets like “karma” and “good.” At least a few people had some sense.

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