As Twitchy reported earlier Saturday, 2020 Democratic candidate Andrew Yang wants an apology from MSNBC before appearing on the network again. He says he was invited to appear this weekend, which he’d be happy to do if MSNBC apologizes on-air, discusses his campaign consistent with its polling, and put on surrogates from his campaign as they do for other candidates.

The Yang Gang has a valid complaint. It was more than half-an-hour Wednesday night before Yang even got a question from the all-female panel of moderators, and Yang ended up with the least speaking time of all 10 candidates on stage.

And then there are all the times MSNBC just left Yang out of a graphic, even though there was clearly an empty space showing they had plenty of room:

We’re not big on boycotts, but it’s kind of refreshing to see MSNBC and not Fox News on the receiving end for once.


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