Democratic candidates couldn’t have been happy that their debate in Atlanta Wednesday night was preceded by not one but two long days of televised testimony in the House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment inquiry hearings. Sure, it gave MSNBC moderator Rachel Maddow a built-in question right out of the gate about President Trump’s impeachment, but it looks like people were too burned out on politics to tune in to a 9 p.m. debate.

Then again, maybe people have already seen three debates and just don’t care to hear the same answers about billionaires and climate change all over again.

In any case, ratings for Wednesday night’s debate were way down from September. Maybe people missed Beto?

“Expertly moderated,” if you mean that Andrew Yang didn’t even get a question for the first 45 minutes or so.

The Washington Examiner notes that September’s debate drew 14 million viewers.

Bingo. And how does Cory Booker keep managing to earn a place on stage with his poll numbers?

That’s really well said. Every candidate on stage made it clear their opposition to Trump, from Joe Biden saying the first thing the next president has to do is beat Trump (like a drum) and cop Kamala Harris saying there’s a criminal in the Oval Office.

Um, the ratings?

That might be a sign, though, that more Democrats are interested in seeing the president impeached than hearing the candidates for the next election pitch their policies. Free advice for Democrats: You might want to get the focus back on the election, and quickly.

But the moderators were four women! This was historic.

And it’s only November.

Even Biden looked like he was nodding off now and then.

Don’t worry if you missed this one; the next debate is already scheduled for December 19.