Rep. Adam Schiff again tried to feed America the line that the whole impeachment inquiry is painful for him and he spent a year trying to avoid the inevitable, but he just has to try to impeach President Trump — he can’t delay it any longer. He says this as we remember that Democrats were talking impeachment even before Trump’s inauguration and have drawn up articles of impeachment over such things as him calling NFL players who kneel during the anthem “sons of bitches.”

The RNC has a great new ad out which paints the Democrats as the party of impeachment and shows again their reason why he must be impeached — because in their eyes Americans can’t afford to have him re-elected to a second term. In other words, they want him removed from office for any reason rather than face him in an election in 2020.

Considering Trump’s poll numbers are rising against possible Democrat rivals during the impeachment hearings, it’s a great strategy.


Nancy Pelosi was right to try to pump the brakes on impeachment, but now she and her party are stuck with it, and with nothing else to show for their time.