Rep. Adam Schiff claims he still doesn’t know the identity of the Ukraine whistleblower, and yet, he ordered the GOP not to talk about the whistleblower during the impeachment hearing. So … how would he know if a Republican just kind of slipped the name in there?

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway was the first to name the alleged whistleblower on-air, which means history will judge her harshly. The Resistance has called for anyone tweeting the alleged whistleblower’s name to be suspended or even jailed.

Disappointingly, Facebook and YouTube said they’d do what they could to keep the name of the whistleblower — they guy Adam Schiff has no idea who it could be — off of social media. That’s bad enough, but how are they supposed to censor his name if no one knows who he is?

That’s a shame.