Somebody gets paid to man the social media accounts of all the 2020 presidential candidates, so we’re not sure who came up with this one or if it’s a Bernie Sanders original, but it’s something else.

For a short sermon, it’s pretty insulting. Who says that my family doesn’t care about your family — unless we’re both stuck working in a collective making solar panels once fossil fuels have been outlawed for everyone but politicians and their private jets. When we hear about families caring about each other, we think of, say, churches or neighborhoods — not democratic socialism.

But if you’re running for United States president as a Democrat, you’ve got to be in favor of more, and bigger, government, believing that only it can fix income inequality while still letting you keep your sportscar and three houses — while taxing Bill Gates $100 billion without even blinking.

And Gates has been using a lot of that money to help needy countries have clean drinking water, without being coerced by the government. Bernie wants to tax Gates’ $100 billion to provide clean drinking water to all of America and end homelessness — like that’s going to happen under President Sanders.

Sanders has always resonated with young, white college kids, and not just because he wants to pay off their student loans and give them free tuition. A lot of them are probably taking epic bong rips while reading tweets like this one:

And where’s the evidence that electing a democratic socialist is going to help us care more about each other?