As the Associated Press points out, the Democratic primary kicked off with a record six female candidates, but they’ve all fallen by the wayside except for Elizabeth Warren. Is it just politics, or is it sexism?

The question arose because candidate Amy Klobuchar said that Pete Buttigieg is getting more attention than she is because he’s a man. The AP reports:

Is it sexism or just politics?

That’s the debate that erupted Monday as one of those candidates, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, publicly complained about gender bias in the race, saying voters and the media were giving rival Pete Buttigieg, a small-town mayor, more support and attention because he’s a man. A woman with a similar resume, Klobuchar argued, wouldn’t be taken seriously enough to make the debate stage.

We’d have to agree that Pete Buttigieg has received more than his fair share of attention, and his election as a gay man would also make history. But both Buttigieg and Klobuchar are non-starters. So, is it politics or sexism?

The Democrats certainly were hoping that straight old white man Joe Biden would jump into the race, but it’s his own fault that he’s floundering.