2020 candidate Bernie Sanders announced his immigration plan the other day, which called for the decriminalization of border crossings, the dismantling of ICE and the Border Patrol, and the acceptance of 50,000 climate migrants in his first year as president.

Sanders held a rally in Des Moines, Iowa, and he wasn’t the only one to lay it on thick when it came to climate change. Author and activist Naomi Klein spoke and told of how neo-fascists are casting the climate emergency as some kind of divine corrective. There’s a loop wherein climate change creates climate migrants, which causes neo-fascist figures in places like the United States to further militarize the borders and let climate change do the cleansing of “lesser humans.”

“We cannot win this fight without battling white supremacy,” she says.

But … we thought it was the climate change alarmists who wanted to cleanse the world of humans.


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