This is one of those tweets set aside hoping that it would get more attention, but it’s been up for a week and garnered only 256 likes — and that’s from the New York Times Opinion feed, which has 700,000 followers.

In short, the New York Times found a bunch of young Europeans — they all look young to us — and asked them to judge how Americans live, pointing out things that would cause riots in Europe, like a lack of guaranteed maternal leave.

They all look like they were filmed in the same place — the set and lighting don’t change — so we’re just going to assume the Times found all of these Europeans in America, and probably in New York. Why they’d come to this hellhole we’ll never understand.

And just to make it clear, there are riots in Europe. We just saw the Yellow Vest movement in France over a gas tax specifically and protesting the Macron administration generally. We also remember some upset when there was talk of tinkering with France’s 35-hour workweek. And we’ve covered a bunch of riots in Sweden; 90 cars were destroyed and police attacked with rocks thrown by “youths” just over a year ago. So yes, Europe has riots already, and the causes seem to range from the cost of living to Muslim immigration to police brutality.

Anyway, enjoy watching these Europeans judge Americans … we’re sure the New York Times did.

Is this the New York Times shilling for Bernie Sanders, since he seems to want to model the United States on Denmark so badly?


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