Back in February 2017, just a month after President Trump was inaugurated, Bernice King, daughter of Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King, wrote a Facebook post with some “wise advice” that was screen-capped and retweeted tens of thousands of times. The first piece of wise advice? “Don’t use his name; EVER.”

Twitchy has already reported on Donald Trump Jr.’s appearance on “The View” Thursday to promote his book “Triggered,” where he dropped the “rape-rape” bomb on Whoopi Goldberg and the blackface bomb on Joy Behar.

However, Steve Guest has caught something interesting. We had to put on headphones and listen carefully to hear it, but yes, during his introduction, you can hear someone (likely Joy Behar) say, “Don’t say his name.” Goldberg complied (it looked like she was going to anyway) and just went with “DJT.”

Here’s Kimberly Guilfoyle, who accompanied Trump on the program.

Look how much time Goldberg took to make it perfectly clear that Trump’s views were going to be “diverse” and not at all representative of the hosts.