As Twitchy reported in another post, Donald Trump Jr. is in hot water with some people after he shared on Twitter a Breitbart article including the named of the alleged whistleblower. Was he operating under orders from the White House? Should he be jailed?

The whistleblower’s attorney, Mark Zaid, said the tweet put the whistleblower under risk of serious harm:

Of course, we’d assume Zaid would take offense and put out a statement, but blue-check podcaster and political commentator Edward Hardy earned himself a shout-out from the Twitter account Bad Legal Takes:

Here’s the original:

Plus, he thinks Trump Jr. broke the law by sharing the Breitbart article:


Um, a legal question for Mr. Hardy: What should be done about the whistleblower’s attorney, who himself shared a Breitbart article naming the alleged whistleblower?