If you’ve spent any time on Twitter yourselves recently, you’ve probably seen plenty of replies consisting of only, “OK boomer” — it’s the new “Beto is a furry” now that he’s dropped out of sight. Kevin Riordan writes in the Philadelphia Inquirer that he’s fine with the term, even though it’s meant to be a put-down:

“It’s actually “’OK boomer,’” my editor says, explaining that “OK boomer” is an edgier, dissier, viral version of “OK, grandpa.” It’s a way wave off an entire generation of older people who just don’t get it.

‘OK boomer’ is as dismissive of us as we are of millennials and Gen Z-ers. And that doesn’t always sit well with us boomers. I mean, who do these kids think they are? Who are these brats in those noise-cancelling/other-people-cancelling/cancel-culture-cancelling headphones to brand as clueless an entire generation that wore jeans and long hair not as style statements — like the millennials and their tats — but as revolutionary badges of honor?

Management attorney Jonathan Segal happened to see Riordan’s piece and noted that “OK boomer,” in the workplace at least, is inconsistent with the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967.

Will Jack take this into account and start suspending Twitter accounts who use this unacceptable phrase?

Here’s Walter Olson: