Who really “needs” a gun is a question that the gun grabbers are always asking, and sometimes you don’t know you need a gun until you need a gun — take the case of the pregnant Florida mother who killed a home intruder and drove off another with her AR-15.

According to his bio, Matt Oliva is CEO and co-founder of something called SeedTech, and he wants you to know that Florida mother didn’t need a scary-looking AR-15 when a handgun would have done just as well, but as Dana Loesch so well put it:

But back to our story:

That’s a pretty hot take — almost as hot as the counter-claim that people from low-income areas are “usually not educated enough” to find jobs and don’t need guns: “Why should they have to protect their families if they don’t possess things that people might want to steal?”

But … it wasn’t an AR-15, and Joe Biden has repeatedly exhorted all Americans to buy a shotgun. Good on those folk for listening to Uncle Joe.

That would be everybody else on Twitter.