Cory Booker was a guest on “The View,” and Meghan McCain had a very specific question about Booker’s plan for mandatory gun buybacks. How was Booker going to go to McCain’s brother’s house and take his AR-15s? Would law enforcement be going from door to door?

Booker immediately went into debate mode, encouraging everyone to be nice to one another, and then went on to dodge McCain’s question: how will a mandatory gun buyback work in America?

Booker’s campaign manager wanted to know what McCain was trying to accomplish, but it seemed pretty clear to us from the video; she was trying to get a straight answer on how a mandatory gun buyback would be enforced.

McCain fired back:

Democrats who support mandatory gun buybacks always say it’s a “scare tactic” to suggest police would go door to door confiscating guns, but if that’s not the plan, what is the plan?