Does Sen. Cory Booker really not know about the website Breitbart or its founder? Maybe not. Alex Seitz-Wald, a reporter from NBC News, notes that a reporter from Breitbart (we’ll try to find out who) introduced herself, and the name Breitbard didn’t seem to ring a bell with the senator.

That is fantastic. Quick, somebody burn a DVD of Breitbart hijacking Anthony Weiner’s press conference and have it delivered to Booker’s office, stat. Booker has some history to catch up on.

What do you think? We’re guessing no, he wasn’t.

Seriously, who doesn’t know about Breitbart?

If he is trolling, he’s doing a masterful job.

He might as well try.

The fact that people aren’t sure that he’s trolling doesn’t say a lot for Booker. We mean, he even seems serious about this whole running for president thing he’s got going on.