We’ve already heard from one journalist, David Leavitt, who believes all the Republicans who “invaded the SCIF” Wednesday to protest Rep. Adam Schiff’s secret hearings should be taken into custody and questioned by the FBI.

We weren’t expecting that, and we certainly weren’t expecting a piece in the right-leaning Washington Examiner claiming that those Republicans made themselves the Antifa of Capitol Hill by staging a sit-in much like the one the Democrats did in 2016. But here we are:

Veteran conservative columnist Quin Hillyer writes:

For decades, Republicans have been known as the party of law and order and, following the lead of then-California Gov. Ronald Reagan in the 1960s, have denounced virtually every protest movement that involved physically taking illicit control of rooms or spaces. Likewise, as the self-styled pro-defense party, the GOP from time immemorial has loudly denounced security breaches. Now, here these House members were violating both of those tenets of responsible behavior.

In sum, this was a cheap publicity stunt. It was way out of proportion to the unfairness they are protesting, grossly in violation of House rules, and at least somewhat a threat to national security. A well-timed press conference outside the secure room would have been fine. The disruption of the hearing was neither fine, nor even remotely acceptable. It’s the most serious breach of House decorum I’ve seen in my 40 years of caring what happens on the Hill. It must not go unpunished.

We kind of think Ronald Reagan would have gotten a kick out of watching what went on Wednesday, but maybe we’re wrong.