To be completely fair, in her piece published on CNN’s website, Leah Asmelash does note that President Trump isn’t the only politician to liken impeachment to a lynching, making note of Joe Biden’s apology for using the term, saying it “wasn’t the right word to use” during Bill Clinton’s impeachment. Then again, CNN had better acknowledge Biden’s use of the word — he said it on CNN.

People on Tuesday dug up loads of Democrats on video, though, calling Clinton’s impeachment a lynching and calling Republicans a lynch mob. So that’s not really reflected in the tweet CNN decided to issue to announce its piece on how lynching is never the right term to use.

They did. Back in 2015, it was also CNN that ran an opinion piece, only this one was called, “Benghazi hearing: The high-tech lynching of Hillary Clinton.”

Was it OK to say in 2015 but not 1998?

Four years ago! It was a different time, 2015. A Canadian prime minister could walk around in blackface anytime he wanted.

And now they love Romney because Trump certainly doesn’t.

And Harry Reid, and one-time presidential candidate John Kerry.

Again, to be fair, Booker and Harris were referring to a “real” lynching — Jusse Smollett even had the clothesline around his neck when the police arrived.

Overall, we agree with the premise of today’s piece, but …