Florida is one step closer to prying Scott Israel out of the sheriff’s office for good. He was suspended by Gov. Ron DeSantis soon after his inauguration, the state Supreme Court upheld the suspension, and now it’s up to the Florida state Senate to remove him for good.

Monday night’s 9-8 vote is only a recommendation from the Florida Senate Rules Committee; a vote before the full Senate, scheduled for Wednesday, will determine Israel’s formal removal or reinstatement.

Dana Loesch, who shared the stage with Israel at CNN’s televised show trial, says the vote never should have been that close, and she’s right.

Here’s Hunter Pollack, who lost his sister Meadow in the Parkland mass shooting, speaking to the press Monday morning:

And here’s Ryan Petty, who lost his daughter Alaina in the shooting.

Wow, the vote was really 9-8? This is going to be one to keep an eye on this week.

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